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About us

Ecospace is company belonging to the system of Secoin – a corporation which was founded in 1989 and is working in the field of manufacturing environmental friendly unburned building materials, with a system of 4 companies and 6 factories across the North, Centre, and South of Vietnam.

Ecospace is a premium handmade product line of interior and exterior decoration with 3 mains fields of application: Furniture, Planters, and Decoration.

The surfaces of Ecospace’s product has an antique look, made by the highly skilled and experienced craftsmen.

Ecospace has hundreds of unique models and designs, and especially it can be made with the customer’s request designs.

Ecospace uses eco-friendly materials such as cement, jute, etc. The manufacturing process required no heating, smokeless, and the products are safe for users.

Ecospace brings you a convergence living space of beauty:

Natural handmade + unique designs + green products