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  • Secoin
  • Encaustic Cement Tile
  • Bột màu Hàn Quốc
  • Secoin Mosaic
  • Vietnamtile


  • Ecospace

    Step 1: Prepare materials

    Cement, stone powder, natural jute and other additives.

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    Step 2: Create product’s shape

    The product is shaped by a mold using natural jute material. Then it is reinforced by mixture of cement and stone powder. By this ways, we can create many light concrete blocks with diverse and impressive patterns


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    Step 3: Rub rough product

    The rough product is carefully rubbed to remove  surplus concrete and create smooth surface

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    Step 4: Finish products

    The product is finished by skillful hand to create the antique beauty.

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    Step 5: Wax and coat protective layer

    Once completed, product is covered by parafin and glue for waterproof and polishing surface